Eledees (Wii)

Eledees (Wii)

More New Game fun and frolics today! I seem to have had a huge pile of new games arrive in the last few days. One of those that came today was this – Eledees. For some reason, it’s called Elebits everywhere else, but not in Europe. Strange.

And it’s great. Really great. Although very different to Katamari, playing it feels remarkably the same. You point at things in a house, shake them, move them, etc. and find Eledees. These provide you with power, and when you have enough, you can operate electrical devices. This, in turn, provides you with Power Eledees, which you collect and, if you obtain enough, you’re rewarded with the ability to lift and move heavier items – thus revealing more hidden Eledees. And so it goes on.

So far, I’m on Chapter 7 or 8, and haven’t had too much difficulty yet. I’ve progressed out of my bedroom, through my parent’s bedroom, the bathroom and the landing. I’ve completed the kitchen, and also the dining room and lounge.

I’m kind of hoping that as things progress, eventually I’ll be able to light the huge ferris wheel I’ve seen a few times!

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