The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

I can’t seem to stay away from Cyrodiil, can I? I had given it a break for a couple of weeks as the Shivering Isles expansion apparently introduced a bug that corrupted item drops, inventories and all sorts, so I was waiting for a fix. That fix came in last week, so I continued my quest to scale the ranks of the Dark Brotherhood!

And blimey. What a nasty job was next! Lucien Lechance ordered me to slaughter the everyone in my sanctuary. Yes, the lot. All because one of them may be a traitor. Bit drastic, no?

So I killed them all, which was easier than expected as even killing one in a room full of others went completely unnoticed. I did stop the killing briefly to finish an open quest one of my victims had given me (to find his Shadowscale brother and kill him) before finishing them all off. One had done a runner to Leyawiin too, which was a pain as they were wandering round in plain view for hours. In the end, I trapped them behind a tree, and murdered them in secret. Ace.

Then it was back to Lucien, who promoted me to Silencer (Achievement Unlocked!) and gave me a scary black horse with eeeviiil red eyes. Called Shadowmere. And who appears to be indestructible. He then gave me another task (via a dead drop) to kill a necromancer who was trying to turn himself into a lich. All I had to do was pickpocket him and steal his hourglass, which killed him. Easy!

Now I’m in Chorral, and have visited another dead drop which has told me to go and slaughter an entire family. Nice.

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