Canis Canem Edit (PS2)

Canis Canem Edit (PS2)

Tim has been playing this recently, and it reminded me that I’d bought it a while ago but not actually started playing it yet.

So I started playing it. Yet.

Or at least, I tried, but it was a good half an hour between turning the PS2 on (having removed the inch of dust covering it) and actually doing some proper “game” as the intro and chat takes ages.

Anyway. I’ve started school. My first two lessons were Chemistry and Art, gaining me the abilities to make firecrackers and get kisses from teh laydeez in return for chocolates and/or flowers. I beat up a load of bullies, played the arcade game in the boys’ dorm, threw firecrackers at girls, and had a sleep.

The next day, I beat up a prefect (and was busted), took my English class (and passed), and beat up some nerds. I then followed some guy to the “auto shop” which was neither a shop, nor containing any “autos”, and was ambushed by some bullies. Beat them up, then chucked bricks in the face of the one I chased, and gained a catapult. Used that to shoot some rats, made some more firecrackers, skived my afternoon lesson, and finished the day in bed.

So far: Not bad. The PS2 pad is making me cry (especially the Chemistry “rhythm game” as I don’t know the location of any of the buttons on the pad), and the jaggy graphics actually hurt my eyes a little, but it’s not a bad game. Yet. I can see the lessons really getting in the way of things sooner rather than later, though.

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