Digital Pinball (Saturn)

Digital Pinball (Saturn)

It’s still Retro Week on ugvm, and having spent the last few days on NES titles, I thought I’d move over to Saturn games today. First up, the lovely Digital Pinball.

Sadly, the saved games on my Saturn have long since vanished, so I had no high scores to attempt. I launched (see?) straight into the Gladiators table, as it’s the best one. “I’m coming for ya, you’d best be ready for me!”, “ESS! PEE! QUEUE! ARR!”, “MUH-MUH-MUH-MUH-MULTIBALL!” and so on. Aces.

And it is too. More so than I recall, actually. Perhaps that has something to do with having a 32″ TV now, and a proper RGB cable instead of the RF one I used to use?

Scores? Well, I managed 915,000,000-ish. I seem to recall I used to get in the region of 4,000,000,000, though. Bah.

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