Forza Motorsport 2 (360)

Forza Motorsport 2 (360)

Plowed through more races today. I’m alarmed to see that not only have I not lost a race yet, but I haven’t actually finished in any position other than first. Even after crashing. Hmm.

In an effort to improve the credits I get for each race, and to make it a little harder, I had a tweak with the difficulty settings, and now I don’t get any penalty for easiness. Not that it’s made much difference. In fact, since changing that, I’ve have the achievement for winning a race a whole race section ahead of everyone else.

Anyway. I’ve done all the races in the Proving Grounds now (having to buy an American car – I plumped for a Ford Focus – to enter some of them) except for the final series. I need a heavy car to do that, and since the required weight is about 1750kg and my heaviest car is only 1450kg-ish, and I can’t afford or haven’t unlocked anything heavy enough, I’m stuck there.

So I entered a few amateur races, hoping they’d be a bit harder. But they’re not. My current car of choice (the Focus, which I’ve tarted up now) is up to Class A, so thrashes everyone else who is still C or D.

Tried playing online again, but still no joy finding a race with low enough cars, and setting one up myself resulted in someone joining, saying “What? No S? Weak”, then quitting.


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