Forza Motorsport 2 (360)

Forza Motorsport 2 (360)

Despite only being dispatched at 3.30pm today, this had arrived in this morning’s post. Amazing.

Now, I didn’t think a lot of the demo, but since Gamestation had the full game on offer for £15 (if you bought any other 360 game), it seemed silly not to get this and Dead or Alive Extreme 2 together for £30. £10 cheaper than getting Forza 2 on it’s own.

And I’m glad I did, because it’s great.

I’ve played through about half of the “Proving Grounds” races, having bought a Mini and using that until I won a Porsche. This Porsche, in fact, which I customised:

Yes. It does look rubbish.

Best of all, was what happened 45 seconds after taking those pictures:


I then watched a race online, and tried to play online but couldn’t find a single race with cars in a low enough class for me to have a chance. My best car is still only Class B, and every race was full of S or U cars. The same thing happens in just about every online racing game, sadly.

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