NiGHTS (Saturn)

NiGHTS (Saturn)

Noes! What went wrong? NiGHTS is supposed to be great, and yet… it wasn’t!

I finished the first “dream” for each kid, and killed the first boss on Claris’ dream and failed to kill fat bouncy woman on Elliot’s dream, but the boss fights were fine – it’s the main dream levels that seem to have lost something.

Of course, I wasn’t playing with the “3D” (i.e. analogue) pad, which didn’t help, but I was just getting overly frustrated with it. I couldn’t see the difference between some of the Nightopians and the baddies. I was annoyed that I couldn’t tell which hoops were background, and which I was to fly through. I was irritated by the popup and jerkiness. I hated the on-foot controls. All in all, pretty nasty.

But I did get some fun, and with an analogue pad it’d be way easier to control, but this isn’t the game I remember so fondly.

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