Pac-Man CE (360)

Pac-Man CE (360)

You know, I never really liked Pac-Man all that much. It was OK and everything, but I wasn’t one of those people who could play it over and over trying for better scores and stuff. I rarely touched it in the arcade, and much preferred Pac-Land over the original, which I realise is probably blasphemy.

So why, then, have I not only bought both Pac-Man and Ms Pac-Man from Xbox Live Arcade, but now I’ve bought Pac-Man Championship Edition too? I didn’t mean to. I thought I’d have a quick look at the demo, laugh at its rubbishness, then never play it again.

But I didn’t. It’s ACE.

It’s exactly what a proper Pac-Man sequel should be – the normal game with morphing mazes, chainable ghost eating (pop powerpills in succession before the previous one wears off to keep eating ghosts), and a time-limit to encourage risk-taking for high scores. It is amazing.

Not only that, but there are five more game modes over the CE mode! I “completed” (that is, survived until the time ran out) the CE mode, as well as Challenge Mode 1 and Extra Mode 1. Tried Challenge Mode 2, but the maze walls are all invisible, meaning once you’ve eaten the dots, it’s hard to see where to run. And then the maze morphs!


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