Sonic the Hedgehog (360)

Sonic the Hedgehog (360)

No, not the awful recent 3D “masterpiece” that I refuse to buy, but the original Megadrive version, available today on XBLA.

Yes. I already have this game twelventyzillion times. Yes, I have completed it on the Wii since Christmas. Yes. I did buy it. Again.

But it is lovely, see? And this version lets you save your game whenever you want! And there are leaderboards! So it was worth it, yes?

Of course it was.

Anyway. I’m up to Spring Yard Zone 1 so far, and haven’t died yet. And I have all four Chaos Emeralds so far too. And several achievements, including completing the first level in under 30 seconds. Hurrah for Sonic, and, especially, hurrah for a Sonic game without annoying sidekicks!

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