Street Fighter Alpha Anthology (PS2)

Street Fighter Alpha Anthology (PS2)

After finishing the first game, I thought I’d have a look through the other titles on the disc. I used to play Alpha 2 a bit a uni too, but not as much as the first one for some reason. It’s still great, and yes, it’s technically better than Alpha, but I think maybe it’s just down to what I knew and loved first. Anyway, I played a few rounds, again as Kenneth for the main part.

And doesn’t Dan look like Steven Seagal? He’s just as crap too.

Then it was onto Alpha 2 Gold. I’d never played it before. Or even heard of it. And the only difference I can perceive is the fact there’s an extra couple of squares on the character select screen to select random characters…

Next up was Alpha 3. Which I’ve only ever played briefly in the arcade. It looks way more polished than the other games, and has a huuuuge character roster. It also has confusing (I didn’t read the manual) “isms” for fighting styles. I have no idea what they do. Ken is still ace.

Finally, it was Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix, which wasn’t the Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo sort of game I was expecting it to be. Instead, it’s a super-simplified fighter, with power-up gems, only three attack buttons (punch, kick, special) and Super Deformed characters from all over the Capcom Universe. It is nuts.

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