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It seems I only had a few more levels left to do, and a couple of them were quite short. The final one, however… took ages. Like, almost an hour.

The reason? The SuckySuck(TM) bit at the end. Most of the bosses I’d fought previously all returned, one after another. Of course, the first time you come across them, they either run away after a bit, or you do. Not at the end though.

The sticking point was General Mono. I think that’s his name anyway. Big guy with a hammer. I could get his energy down to about half-way, then he did a super attack thing which I couldn’t dodge, jump over, block or survive. So I had to fight him again. And again. Until I realised that a tag-team attack could dodge it.

So I got his energy bar to zero, only to find he still didn’t die. But I did instead. Again, I had to fight him over and over again, eventually finding the single tag-team attack (Mikey flinging Donny around) that could lay in the killer blow.

All the other bosses were a cinch, so no issues there. Then it was all over!

I did return to the first level to try and get the “don’t get hit in a level” achievement, which was easy, and I picked up a shell along the way, which gave me the “get your first coin” achievement. But they’re shells, not coins. Tch.

That was the full 1000 gamerpoints for the game sorted though. I did “buy” a few extras, like big heads and Halloween baddies, but they don’t add much to the game. Tried a few challenge mode levels too, but they’re nothing special.

Overall then, a surprisingly good game, a bit short, very easy, but remarkably decent for a film tie-in.


  1. Have you seen the film? I’m quite tempted just to see how it all fits together as I couldn’t figure out the plot at all…I thought I’d be fighting the immortal guy at some point but that never happened. Was he a good guy in the end? weird.

  2. There was a plot? 🙂

    The seemed to be mainly about Leo and Raph having lots of arguments, and the Foot was just there as filler.

    I’ve not seen the film, so I don’t know how that all fits in. I thought April and Casey were in the film, though? They weren’t in the game (although Raph mentions Casey at one point).


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