Assorted Xbox 360 Demos (Demo) (360)

Assorted Xbox 360 Demos (Demo) (360)

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As well as skate., which I’ve posted about already, I had a go at a few other demo games that were made available on the 360 this week.

Street Trace: NYC
It’s like some evil cross between the awful Dreamcast game TrickStyle and the awful Playstation 2 game Twisted Metal. And isn’t nearly as good as either of them. You have a hoverboard, and some weapons, and it’s futuristic. And it’s a deathmatch game. Rubbish.

Space Giraffe
Jeff Minter promised us he hasn’t spent the last (what seems like) 80 years making this game just to give us another iteration of Tempest. Sadly, that’s exactly what he has done. It’s Tempest 4000 by another name and with sheep and goat noises. Some people have been saying there’s more depth to it, and it is to Tempest 2000 what Pac-Man CE is to Pac-Man, but the problem is, Tempest has never appealed to me, and making it harder to see and more complicated doesn’t exactly help.

I have no idea what I’m supposed to do. Well, I have to get my rat to somewhere whilst avoiding being seen. But I don’t know how to hide, and I can’t run fast enough. So, after 20 attempts and still unable to progress more than 30 seconds into the game, I gave up.

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