Hexic 2 (360)

Hexic 2 (360)

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You know, this is my 2000th Gaming Diary post. 2000 posts. Amazing.

Played Hexic 2 for a couple of hours this evening. First spent over an hour playing my wife at Battle Mode, but soon had to stop playing as she got good at it and began to win. Tch. It’s pretty good, and there’s a power-up dynamic to the game which I’ve not seen in any other puzzle game. Power-ups are only available at certain times, and either of you can nab them, but only if the required bar (filled by matching hexes of its colour) is full enough. So you can spend ages filling your orange bar to ready yourself for the “lock opponent’s hexes” power-up, only to have the person you’re playing nick it when it appears as you didn’t notice.

Picked up a couple of achievements in Battle Mode too, including “Hot Potato” for playing bomb-tennis.

After that, I went after SomethingWitty’s high score on Marathon Mode. 100,000-ish to beat, it said when I looked. That shouldn’t be hard, I thought. So, after about half an hour I’d managed 110,000, and then my eyes were hurting and it was bed time so I killed myself knowing I’d beaten him.

Except when I looked, there was actually an extra zero in his score, so I was some 900,000 points short. Nooooooo!

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