My other blog

My other blog

Since I’ve done it over there, I thought it best to reciprocate here too.

Thing is, I have two blogs. There’s this one, which is a diary of all the games I play, and there’s my other one which is full of random stuff. I’m not just about games, you know! There’s all sorts of stupid pictures, general geekery, and, uh, yeah – games. Aces, yes?

It’s recently come to my attention that I’ve got two sets of readers. Some people only read (and know about) my Gaming Diary (that’s what you’re reading now), and others are only aware of my Blog (that’s the other thing with random stuff). These posts are to attempt to merge those two groups into some sort of supergroup of readers.

So why not read the blog once in a while, or subscribe to its RSS feed?

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