Bioshock (360)

Bioshock (360)

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It would appear that not only was Monday a “new game day”, but today was too! Both this and Phoenix Wright 3 for the DS arrived from Play Asia today.

I didn’t play Bioshock much, as I’m concentrating on Super Paper Mario at the moment, but I wanted to make sure it worked since it’s the NTSC-J version that Play Asia are selling.

Imagine my horror when it didn’t work. I put the disc it, it started to load, and then a message came up telling me that in order to play the game I needed to put the disc in an Xbox 360 console. Oh noes!

Luckily, removing the disc and putting back in again and all was well. Phew!

And it is, of course, ace. I played through the same bit that was in the demo, and found it much easier going. Apparently, this is because they filled the demo with extra splicers to make it a bit more exciting. It certainly feels less like a FPS and more like an exploration-game-with-combat title, which is a Very Good Thing.

And the water is still gorgeous.

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