MySims (Wii)

MySims (Wii)

Two Star Rating GET! Completed a few more tasks for Gino the Chef, and then moved in the bloke who runs the museum. A museum with very few exhibits, in fact, so I had to “create” some for him. Also built Poppy another flower stand.

For reaching two stars, I was given a saw, so I could get into the forest area. This gave me access to a few new trees (like the Rose and Orange trees – yes, I know roses don’t grow on trees – try telling EA that) and some more areas for prospecting. Prospecting for bacon and cake, in fact. Amazing.

Heading back to the hotel to check for new people, I found a pile of them gagging to move into Cheese (the name of my town, just like in Animal Crossing). Moved three in, including “DJ Candy”, a DJ who asked me to build “Club Candy” for her. Time to stop moving people in, and start completing tasks for them, I think!

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