Bioshock (360)

Bioshock (360)

Sometimes a game comes along which is great, but I don’t actually play it because I feel I have too many other, shorter, games that I should be getting out of the way so I can play it uninterrupted. In some cases, those great games just never seem to get played at all – I still haven’t really started Zelda on the Wii yet, even though I’ve owned it for the best part of a year.

For some reason, I played Bioshock today. I was going to wait until Sonic Rush Adventure was completed and I’d tired of MySims, but I was in the mood for some shootin’ and stuff rather than runnin’ and jumpin’ and/or buildin’ and growin’. So, how did I do?

Well, I died a lot. Of course, technically you never actually die as such – you’re regenerated over and over – but you know what I mean. I’ve killed a couple of “bosses” (if you can call them that), passed through the Medical Facility and into Neptune’s Bounty. I found my first Little Sister, and because I’m Nice and Good I saved her rather than harvested her. I hope that doesn’t make the game more difficult in the future though.

I’ve killed a few Big Daddies. Although I think, in fact, only one was actually a Big Daddy as only one had a Little Sister in tow. The rest appeared to be called “Rosie” anyway, and they’re all a bit bloody hard. I also had to go on a photographing spree to get into what seemed to be a cold store, where I had to fight a bloke Atlas seemed to think was on my side as well as a million Splicers. And now it’s on to the next bit!

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