Tetris Splash (360)

Tetris Splash (360)

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I’m not that huge a fan of Tetris you know. Yeah, it’s alright, but I was never one of those people who could sit and play it for hours. I always prefered Columns. Well, until Puyo Puyo existed, anyway. I think it’s the combo and/or chaining system of other well-based puzzle games that appeals to me, and Tetris doesn’t have one.

But I bought it anyway, even though it has the broke-the-original “additions” of other recent Tetris titles – you can see several blocks in advance, you can rotate blocks forever, there’s a “ghost” of the block you’re dropping in the bottom of the well, you can hold a piece for later… that sort of thing.

It’s OK though. Played a few games of Marathon Mode, gaining a few achievements, and then went online and played (and lost) a few 6-player games there as well. The guys I was playing kept complaining about “the grey line” that kept rising up as other players got rid of lines, and saying how it “ruins the game”. I don’t understand – that’s the point of multiplayer Tetris, isn’t it? One of them even suggested the lines should appear in the well of the person who is winning! What!?


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