Halo 3 (360)

Halo 3 (360)

Ssh! Don’t tell anyone, but I played this for over an hour and a half this evening. And not all of it was rubbish! Of course, I was playing with lots of people from ugvm, and all on multiplayer modes that weren’t co-op campaign, so it was all pretty good.

Well, I wasn’t. I held my own for a few games when there were only four or five of us, but then more people turned up and I was demoted to whipping boy. Pff.

We played Slayer for a few games, then had a go at a few other modes. Rocket Thingie was most bizarre, as we were set up in four teams of two, me paired with co-crap-player Lufferov, and my jeep thing (it’s probably not a jeep but named after some sort of animal – I don’t know) wouldn’t turn right. We got nil points. In the next round, we got THREE! Sadly, this still put us in last place.

Then we played Ninjaball, which I was (again) crap at, but I did managed to kill SomethingWitty about a million times, totally unnecessarily as he didn’t have the ball at the time. Here are some pictures of me beating him to death:

I’m the one in green, by the way.

After that, it was Capture the Flag, and my team lost. Not because of me though, oh no. I was was more ace than everyone else put together. Maybe.


  1. I blame our miserable failure in Rocket Race solely at your feet sir!

    In the next round of Rocket Race after you had left I came first with my team mate, whom I forget at this precise moment in time.

    However, I can’t deny my abysmal shooting skills, and managed to come last in just about every other round. But my driving skills are uber elite!


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