Phase (iPod)

Phase (iPod)

Considering it is “just” an iPod game, Phase has had quite a bit of media attention this week. The main reason being it’s been done by none other than Guitar Hero and now Rock Band developers Harmonix, and it’s basically more of the same.

OK, so you only have three buttons (although there’s also “slide around the controller” sections), but it’s the same thing in essence. You also get to use your own music! To do this, just add tracks to the automatically-created “Phase Music” playlist in iTunes, and resync your iPod. Some tracks work better than others, though, and I’ve found ones with strong beats (bass or drums) are particularly successful.

Processed Beats (Kasabian)
Caught by the Fuzz (Supergrass)
Not Still Over (Yaida Hitomi)
The Legendary Theme (from Gitaroo Man)
Dare (Gorillaz)

Not so good:
Remote Control (Beastie Boys)
Life on Mars (David Bowie)

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