Team Fortress 2 (360)

Team Fortress 2 (360)


I was actually not only not crap, but actually absolutely vital to my team’s success today! I played a looooooong game of 8-on-8 Capture the Flag on the 2Forts map, as a Pyro.

To start off, I thought I’d defend the flag (briefcase), seeing as no-one else was doing that, and saw off a fair few would-be thieves, but after a while my team got their act together defending, with gun turrets a-plenty and snipers and guards, and I felt a bit left out.

So I decided to go on the attack instead. Our first point was an assist by me. One of our team had snatched the briefcase and ran for it, but was killed about half-way out of the enemy base. I ran in and picked it up, and made it to half-way into our base, before a spy stabbed me in the back. Luckily, a team-mate picked him off and completed the steal. 1-0!

Sadly, it was quickly 1-1, as we’d not been paying attention to our case in the excitement.

Then a good 15 minutes passed with some failed snatches (they’d set up several turrets in the room their case was in), before I followed a Heavy and a Soldier in on a three pronged turret attack. We destroyed the turrets (and killed the few enemy team also in the room), but they Heavy and the Soldier died, and I was on just 14 health. I thought, “Sod it”, and grabbed the case, and legged it out.

And ran! And ran more! I tried to take a route out that would avoid the remaining turrets and guards, and got wounded on the bridge between bases (7 health!). Our base was swarming with enemy, but I killed a couple and my team mates helped secure a safe route, but for the final run I was on my own. And I did it!

2-1 and WINNAR! Amazing.

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