Eternal Sonata (360)

Eternal Sonata (360)

Had another couple of crashes to start with today – again at the shopkeeper. Cleared the cache again and it sorted it again, though.

The Aria Temple was a bit strange. Besides the large areas with no baddies in them, and the big room with nothing but baddies in (that can be totally avoided), there were several treasure chests that kept moving. I’d go for one, get jumped on by a baddie, kill it, and then the chest would move! Bizarre.

At the top of the tower was Rondo – the woman who killed Claves. And Falsetto came back too, and we all had a fight.

With Rondo dead (well, I assume she’s dead, anyway), and Chapter 6 begun, it was back to the castle, only to find Crescendo and Serenade have both done a runner. They seem to have gone to Forte to sacrifice themselves for Baroque. I don’t really understand how that’s going to work, but still.

We went after them, through the warp gates of the To Coda Ruins. That didn’t take too long, and soon we’d left the ruins and found a scary old woman next to a Cello Tree, who asked Polka to take a fortune reading. The reading turned out to be bad, but no-one said exactly what it was. Then the woman vanished. It was all very odd.

Now I’m about to enter Mt. Rock. Ooh!

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