Eternal Sonata (360)

Eternal Sonata (360)

Allegretto and Co leapt into the giant swirly hole thing, and vanished! They awoke to find themselves, um, somewhere. With lots of dead people. Glowing, ball-like dead people. Yes, really.

And there’s a desert that I can’t enter, instead having to climb the Xylophone Tower (to hit a switch to open it), which is full of somewhat difficult baddies. Well, they’re difficult as I’m trying to kill them with some of the characters that are on lower levels at the moment (such as Polka, who is crap). There are some “listen, then repeat” musical tests in the tower too, and I’ve done two so far.

I get the feeling I’m somewhat close to the end of the game now. I’m pretty sure the end of game boss will be in the desert.

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