Eternal Sonata (360)

Eternal Sonata (360)

Right, the Fort is all done and dusted, and I worked my way along the road to Forte City, killing green flying angel goats on the way, and helping a traveling salesman by fighting some dragon things with rocks on the ends of their tails. As you do.

Sold all Beat’s photos (mostly of mice and onions) to him for 500 gold or so each, which I thought was pretty good, but the photos I took after that sold at Forte City for waaaaay more – one of an angel goat’s arse got a Rank B rating and netted me almost 5,000 gold, and a mugshot of the same goat for me almost twice that. So much money! Even stocking up on loads of items (which I’ve not really used much of yet) and new armour and weapons has barely even lightened by purse. Excellent.

Anyway, so in the city I found the inn, and the girl there has lost “Phil” and I need to find him. It seems he may have fallen down a cliff, so I’m making my way down now, killing bats and having a “jam” with an old man, who gave me an F for my mad muzik skillz and told me I was sad. Pff.

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