Eternal Sonata (360)

Eternal Sonata (360)

It’s far too easy to spend lots of time on this without realising. I started early this afternoon, and then suddenly it was dark outside.

Chapter 2 was soon over. I had to fight Tuba again on the bridge by the fort, and although I won, he took out the bridge and we all fell to our watery deaths. Well, not quite.

The beginning of Chapter 3 showed that my party had been split into two groups. Allegretto, Viola, Jazz, Falsetto and Claves in one, and everyone else (presumably at that time) in the other. The whole of this chapter was based on this group, which, having reached the Andantino base, split further leaving just Allegretto, Falsetto and Viola. With those, I solved some puzzles in a graveyard, and then there was a cutscene with Claves’ long and drawn out death speech. Yeah, to hell with spoilers – she’s dead. Probably.

And then it was Chapter 4! As expected, I was now in charge of the other group of people – Polka, Chopin, Beat and Salsa. They’d been rescued by a boat, the captain of which (Crescendo) appears to look exactly like Jazz, only with blond hair and no earring. Anyway, soon after chatting with people on the ship, pirates attacked!

I took the party over to the pirate ship, found a key (eventually) to the pirate captain’s room, and then died. Bah.

My game time says almost 13 hours! Blimey.

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