Eternal Sonata (360)

Eternal Sonata (360)

Um, yes. So other games don’t exist at the moment, it would seem. And plenty of time has been spent on this again today too – taking me from 13 hours to over 16 hours game time, according to the save files.

Killed the pirate captain first of all today, which gained Salsa a new hat (um, great), and then we reached Baroque, where it was snowing. Lots. We decided to leave, after a concert and lots of shopping and exploring, and headed for Ritardando via a frozen mountain path. Where the game crashed as soon as I met the first baddie. Luckily, I’d saved literally seconds previous. Made it over the mountain (well, up it then through the lava-y interior – seems it’s a volcano, not a mountain), and somehow ended up back in Agogo Forest, where March was waiting.

March, and Fugue – the guy who almost killed Chopin and Polka right near the start of the game. So I had to fight him again, and killed him!

Everyone split up then. Polka went home, March and Salsa stayed in Agogo Forest, and Beat and Chopin decided to go back to Allegretto and Beat’s hideout in Ritardando – where Allegretto had already arrived. We were sent on a mission to rid the church basement of “ghosts”, and we joined by Viola, March and Salsa, although Allegretto chickened out and went to see Polka. The “ghosts” were easy to kill, and after some 40 minutes of story cut scenes, pretty much everyone then ended up back in Baroque again. Everyone except Claves (duh, she’s dead!) and Falsetto (done a runner in the rain), that is.

Jazz suggested we walked round the town a bit, so we did. Spoke to a priest who suggested we go and look at the Aria Temple, and then went to a shop to stock up on supplies. Except the game crashed again. Bah. I’ve not got to re-do much, though. Still, it gave me an excuse to stop.

Still really enjoying the game, though. I’ve had several aborted RPG efforts over the last few years; particularly Lostmagic and Lunar Dragon Song, both of which were crap (although for different reasons), so it’s nice to play a good, well written RPG for a change.

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