Eternal Sonata (360): COMPLETED! AGAIN!

Eternal Sonata (360): COMPLETED! AGAIN!

I was getting fed up with the dungeon crawling to kill Rondo, so I decided enough was enough. I went and explored some lower (or rather, higher – they’re basements, remember) levels and found two better weapons and some more armour, before leveling up my characters some more. With Jazz and Allegretto on level 75, and Falsetto on 70, I thought the time had come to try Rondo again.

And she was easy! Well, not easy exactly, but I didn’t need many items, and had her on the ropes constantly – two (or even three) 6 Harmony Chain combos each turn soon had her wiped out. Aces!

Then it was onto the final floor, with the final dungeon boss and the final soul shard. It was the penultimate end-of-game boss again, only harder. Except he didn’t really seem a lot harder, probably as I’d now leveled up some 25 levels to get to him. Killed him first go, although used all my items and Jazz was dead when I did so. Phew! Claves resurrected!

Finally, it was time to return to the scene of the final chapter and kill the real end of game boss again. I won’t spoil it for anyone by saying who it was, but now I was on level 79 with weapons and armour twice as powerful as before, the boss could barely touch me. Even a full-on, most powerful attack, which i didn’t block, managed just 2,500HP damage. When you’ve got over 40,000 to play with, that’s nothing!

And then I watched the end of game sequence again, which is exactly as it was before.

And no crashing today!

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