Dewy’s Adventure (Wii)

Dewy’s Adventure (Wii)

My Wii has had a quiet time of things recently (Eternal Sonata, Tony Hawk and Assassin’s Creed saw to that), but with both Geometry Wars and Dewy arriving today, it’s had a bit of a renaissance.

First impressions are… confused. The opening sequence is exactly the same graphical style as Eledees, with the same boy in it, and the same voice actor. The game itself, however, is totally different. It lies somewhere between Mercury Meltdown and, erm, something else. You tilt the controller to direct Dewy (a dew drop, hence his name) around the levels, collecting mushroom people. You can turn into ice or steam for a short period, allowing attacks and other moves.

So far, I’ve only spent about 40 minutes on it, completing the first four levels, and beating the first boss. It seems pretty good!

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