Beautiful Katamari (360): COMPLETED!

Beautiful Katamari (360): COMPLETED!

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I had a little splurge this morning, and somehow ended up buying a new Xbox 360 Elite for £260, with three free games. I didn’t have a say in the games (Halo 3, Lost Odyssey, Assassin’s Creed) which was a pain as I didn’t want Halo 3 and I already have Assassin’s Creed. And Lost Odyssey was out of stock so I had to choose something else.

So I chose Beautiful Katamari! And I’m glad I did, as it’s amazing! It’s just like the PS2 version, of course, but with different levels and targets, and no loading when you grow.

Unfortunately, it seems quite a bit shorter than We Love Katamari, as I managed to finish it this afternoon. Oops.

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