skate. (360)

skate. (360)

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Finally, I get hold of this! I know it came out, what, 8 months ago? I just never saw it for under £25 (I don’t buy games that cost more than £25), but now it is. And it arrived today!

Today’s play was mostly a repeat of the demo. The same training, learning the controls, and the first couple of challenges. Then I moved on to a game of SKATE with “Shingo”, which was harder than it needed to be. After that Shingo showed me to some school or something where there was another challenge for me to do which was far too hard, so I failed.

I get the feeling this is going to be VERY difficult. I just can’t string together many tricks, can’t ollie very high, can’t maintain speed, keep forgetting to ollie up kerbs, and keep pressing Y to grind. Grr!

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