Assorted Xbox 360 Demos (360)

Assorted Xbox 360 Demos (360)

A big pile of them had accumulated on my 360’s hard drive, so I went through and had a play of them all…

Iron Man
Rubbish. Looks like a PS2 game when you’re up close to anything. And objects are all out of proportion – why is Iron Man almost as big as a helicopter, but ordinary doors on buildings are twice his height? And why do baddies appear out of nothingness? And Stark’s “witty” one-liners started to grate after twelve seconds. And it’s repetitive. And rubbish. And made by Sega. F**K YOU, SEGA.

Kung Fu Panda
Just no. It’s the “hammer X game”. Tedious. “Collect these!”, “and these!”, “and these!”. “And don’t forget to collect these!”. And telling you how to do every action five times even after you’ve already worked it out for yourself is stupid. It’s like a crap N64 game, only prettier.

Probably my most favourite 4-player game on the Atari 2600. Yeah, I realise that’s probably not hard. But I used to love it. This version is OK, but it really needs a paddle controller.

Penny Arcade Whatever The Long Title Is
Actually pretty good! It’s a JRPG wrapped up in Penny Arcade themed point-and-click (sort of) clothes. A bit. Not buying it though – not until they a) reduce the price, and b) fix the DRM issues of Live (which they’re doing in June, supposedly).

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