Assorted XBLA Demos (360)

Assorted XBLA Demos (360)

I tried some more demos today, all of XBLA games I’d downloaded over the last few weeks.

Looks amazing, but the demo is only five seconds long. So I’m not buying it as there’s no way that gives any sort of representation of actual game.

Wits and Wagers
A quiz game where your answer is largely irrelevant? And only 700 questions? I say no to you, sir.

Rocky and Bullwinkle
It’s Wario Ware, only in Rocky and Bullwinkle costumes. It was OK, but very rough around the edges. The drawn-for-the-game art of Rocky and Bullwinkle is awful, especially when compared to the clips of the cartoon. Also, since we’re not from the US, we don’t care about Rocky and Bullwinkle anyway.

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