Assorted Xbox 360 Demos (360)

Assorted Xbox 360 Demos (360)

Caught up on a few of these today. Thoughts as follows!

Don King’s Prizefighter
I didn’t like Fight Night 3. It was overrated, and not nearly as impressive as everyone (EA especially, unsurprisingly) suggested. But this… is worse. The best thing was the FIFA-esque nonsensical commentary. Par examplé: “Calzaghe goes for the face again!” as I (Calzaghe) completely fail to grasp the controls and am being pummelled without getting a single hit in. “Calzaghe delivers a devastating right hook!” as I block my chest only to get a left fist to my nose. Amaze!

Top Spin 3
They’ve changed the controls and now I can’t play it. Next!

Soul Calibur (XBLA)
It’s great, of course, but I’m hoping the full version isn’t this easy. Aside from getting my health bar down to half on the first round of the first fight (as I worked out what button did what), I managed to perfect everyone. I’m sure the DC version wasn’t like this.

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