Assorted Xbox Demos (360)

Assorted Xbox Demos (360)

Yes! It’s the Irregular Xbox Demo Roundup Post!

Alone in the Dark
Oh my. How bad is this? From having to press a button to blink, to having to be positioned pixel-perfect in order to pick stuff up or open doors, to the stupid indestructible baddies who can only be defeated for good if you drag them to a fire. And it’s too dark to see anything half the time. Awful.

Supposedly, this is all about realism and simulation, whereas MotoGP isn’t. I’d have a hard time telling the two apart. It isn’t bad, but it wasn’t really fun.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Seems pretty good, but needs some camera faults sorting out. I presume you can invert the look axes in the full game, and increase the sensitivity? As it stands, the “force throw” moves are mostly useless as you can’t aim quickly enough. But reasonable. I would probably buy it if I were a fan of Star Wars and it was cheap.

Soul Calibur IV
Excellent, even if it does only last 45 seconds. I got up to Yoda and then it told me to buy the full game.

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