Braid (360)

Braid (360)

Brane! Hurting! So… very… confusing.

Braid is a 3D platform puzzle game. Only instead of depth being the third dimension, time is. So you go left and right, up and down, and forwards and backwards in time. But not just that – each world changes the rules a little.

F’r’instance, on one world, when you reverse time a shadow of yourself re-does whatever it was you just reversed. Example: You need to get through a door, but the switch to open it is too far away and by the time you’ve pulled the switch and legged it to the door, it’s shut again. So you go and pull the switch, then reverse time. Your shadow then goes and pulls the switch as you did, leaving you free to make it to the door.

In another world, time flows forwards as you walk right, and backwards when you walk left.

Anyway. The point is to collect jigsaw pieces along the way. Which is too hard and my brain is now bent the wrong way. Pff.

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