Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise (360)

Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise (360)

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Apart from a quick go on Mega Man 9 yesterday, this is pretty much all I’ve played this week. And I’ve played it a lot. It really appeals to my OCD side, as I systematically work my way through all the pinatas, getting them in the garden then master romancing them.

This week, I’ve managed Ponockys, Horstachios, Chewnicorns, Moozipans, Swananas, Rashberrys, Zumbugs, Galagoogoos, Profitamoles and Pigxies. I’ve also managed to make resident, or evolve to (but not yet romance), Moojoos, Salamangos, Hoghurts and Pudgeons. And I’ve managed to max-growth a load more plants and trees. It’s like a second job!

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