Fallout 3 (360)

Fallout 3 (360)

Two days of play in one handy diary entry. Hurrah!

I was heading for Rivet City, at first through the Metro, then overland along the river. Found a house where a drunk called Dukov lived with his two lady friends, and considered killing him, but decided against it. Found loads of bandits and super mutants on the way down the riverside, as well as some centaurs, who are like squid-faced man-crabs that spit actual crap at you. Nice action!

Eventually made it to Rivet City (after rescuing two hostages from the million mutants on the way), and talked to as many people as I could. Found Doctor Li, who told me my father and her had a lab in the old Jefferson Monument. Before heading over there (although it was just next door to Rivet City), I got roped into the Blade Runner ripp-off storyline of an escaped android. Dr Zimmer wanted me to find and return him, but I bumped into another android who gave me an android bodypart with which to convince Zimmer that his android was dead. He’s not, but Achievement Get! anyway.

I had a sneaky look in some places I shouldn’t onboard the Good Ship Rivet, then went over to the Monument to kill more mutants and find my father’s audio journals. They implied he’d gone way west of Megaton, to Vault 112, so I returned to Megaton and set out.

I reached an old Metro station half way to the vault marker on the map, and was then attacked by mercenaries out to kill me. A mini-nuke not only killed all three of them at once, but launched the body of one onto the roof of an abandoned diner. Thankfully, he left a leg behind for me to search and obtain all his goodies. Killed a raider called Sam who was also not only shooting the mercs, but me as well! He left me a sniper rifle. Aces!

Then I found a church, which was obviously a raider hideout, as once I’d entered they came home. Luckily, I saw them and laid mines out in the doorway. Boom!

Finally (for now), I came across a mercenary barracks. REVENGE! Killed all the mercs there, then had a kip in their bed. Now I’ve just found an entrance to their officer’s quarters…

Oh, and I’m now on level 12 after almost 20 hours play. I gained two levels in quick succession as one of the perks is to instantly gain another level, so it was rude not to!

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