Fallout 3 (360)

Fallout 3 (360)

Yes, look. I know I haven’t updated this diary again for several days, but the thing is, I’ve only really been playing Fallout 3. A lot. And more.

58 and a half hours elapsed, says my saved game. That’s a lot of hours. And I’m still not done with it. I’ve a fair few quests yet to even find, let alone start, and loads of locations yet to see. I picked the “Explorer” perk as the final one upon reaching Level 20, and was amazed at how many locations it added to the map. I’ve been slowly working my way around them all, exploring, but not really doing a lot.

Things I have achieved this week include completing the Agatha’s Song and Big Town quests, and I’ve also found myself a dog (called Dog Meat). He’s currently waiting at my Megaton house with Fawkes, my Super Mutant chum.

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