A Kingdom for Keflings (360)

A Kingdom for Keflings (360)

I played a demo of this a couple of weeks ago, and quite enjoyed it. I didn’t bother buying it though, as Fallout 3 was the only game in existence at the time.

Today, I stumped up the points for it and spend about 4 or 5 hours on it. It’s lovely!

It’s a bit like Settlers, and a bit like Doshin the Giant. Sort of. You (or in this case, me – it uses the 360’s Miis) order villagers around, make them mine and chop trees, before using the resources to build other buildings that, in turn, increase the number villagers, allow access to other resources, improve your skills, and so on.

The aim would appear to be getting your appointed Mayor to become King, by eventually building a castle. But you need to build lots of other things on the way.

I’ve played far enough to get to the point where I can build the first part of the castle, but there’s still quite a way to go yet, I think!

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