Lots of Homebrew Wii Stuff (Wii)

Lots of Homebrew Wii Stuff (Wii)

I checked the Homebrew Downloader today for the first time in ages, and found all sorts of new stuff on there. WiiLander was great – it’s an old game, sure, but with the Wii’s controls (tilt left and right to steer, rotate remote to provide more or less thrust) it plays very differently.

Giddy 3 is a Dizzy clone, and although it looks nice the only item I could find to pick up was a tub of lard, and I couldn’t figure out where to use it.

There’s an Asteroids game on there, which is awful – partly because it doesn’t fit the screen, and partly because it plays far too quickly. WiiQuizz is rubbish, as it has the same questions almost every game, and some of the answers for one question are used for another, meaning there’s no correct answer and you have to guess which one it thinks is right.

Aside from the homebrew, I also played a few SNES and GBA games on the emulators (including the aces Zombies Ate My Neighbours), as well as set up the Amiga emulator and played Lemmings 2. Embarrasingly, I got stuck on the second level, but I always preferred the original game anyway. However, it did show how perfect the Wii would be for a Lemmings title.


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