Sega Megadrive Ultimate Collection (360)

Sega Megadrive Ultimate Collection (360)

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I could say this is completed, as today I unlocked the last of the achievements. However, it isn’t really a game like that – it’s lots of games, and I only completed one of those – see next post.

This really is a great package. Some thoughts on other games I’ve played since Monday on it:
Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine (excellent), Decap Attack (amazing), Story of Thor (not as good as Zelda), Fatal Labyrinth (an amazing surprise – never played it before, and hadn’t realised it was a roguelike!), Ecco (rubbish as it always was), Ecco 2 (also rubbish), E-SWAT (better than it appeared at first), Sonic 3D (meh), Vectorman (too slippery) and Vectorman 2 (ditto).

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