Family Game Night (360)

Family Game Night (360)

Look, I didn’t buy this, OK? I got a free copy of Connect 4 with something I ordered from SoftUK, and then today I won a competition to win Yahtzee, Battleship and another (great!) copy of Connect 4. Joy!

What do I think? I think it’s… alright? Stupidly expensive if you fork out 800 points each for the games, and the real-life versions of the games are more, well, usable (and don’t have Mr Potato Head prancing around all the time slowing the game down), but there’s online play and a few extra game modes to make up for that. A bit.

Thrashed the pants off someone online on Connect 4. That was pretty good. I played the other two games offline, and they were, well, exactly what I expected them to be.

Oh, and a bizarre thing happened. I created a game lobby, then someone joined. I chose to play Connect 4, but the other player didn’t have it, so the game awarded me an achievement for Yahtzee. What?

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