Outrun Online Arcade (360)

Outrun Online Arcade (360)

It’s Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast! Only not quite! For 800 points on Xbox Live Arcade!

What is ace: It’s FUN. Like the older versions. It’s also SHINY. What is not ace: There’s less there in the previous games. It has Arcade mode and Heat Attack mode, but no mission mode or anything.

What is a real killer: online mode, the main point of the game, is broken. It’s all too easy to get the BSOD – where the track vanishes and you can’t see the road, essentially making you lose. Not only that, but the leaderboards are arranged so as to be pointless – you can’t use the leaderboard of friends, as the friends leaderboard is arranged alphabetically rather than by time. Rubbish!

But… it’s Outrun and fantastic. So all is well.

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