Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People – Episode 4 (Wii): COMPLETED!

I only started playing it this morning, but already it’s completed. It wasn’t shorter than previous episodes, just a little easier and I had quite a bit of play on it throughout the day.

It was different to previous episodes in that you’re acting out a film that Strong Bad has made, called Dangeresque 3. A badly made film, of course. As a result, all the usual locations in the game have been repurposed as bits of set, and all the characters are new characters. If you see what I mean.

It was as funny as previous episodes, and I’ve downloaded Episode 5 ready for next time! Looks like that’s the last one though, which is a shame. Boo! At least there’s Wallace and Gromit and Sam and Max here or almost here to fill the void!

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