Burnout Paradise (360)

Burnout Paradise (360)

It seems I did get quite a few new games this week – Burnout Paradise, Adventure Island, Bit Trip Beat, Strong Bad Episode 5, Trivial Pursuit…

On Friday I made a start on Burnout Paradise. Very quickly, I’d managed to get my C licence, and then I played online for a couple of hours. Most of my game time since then has been spent just cruising the streets, looking for smashes, jumps and billboards; of which I have found at least half of each.

Today I gained my B licence, and then set about doing lots of stunt runs and road rage events – the two types of event I prefer. I’m really enjoying the game, actually. Far more than I thought I would. However, I’m sort of dreading the millions of races I’ll need to complete in order to gain my A licence, and the licence you get after that.

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