Little King’s Story (Wii)

Little King’s Story (Wii)

Still working through this, a bit each day (well, most days), and I’m now just over 24 hours in. I’ve defeated the three kings in and around Skull Plains, and now have to make my assault on the New Island, which is full of really, really difficult baddies.

I also made the mistake earlier of walking into a zombie trap. They closed the way out behind me, I couldn’t warp back to the castle, and you can’t kill them all as they keep respawning. Argh!

King Omelet was a pain too – not because he was difficult to kill (you don’t kill him, actually), but the questions he asks are difficult. Not least the one where he asks who talks “like this”, in the voice of a character, but since you rarely hear the characters talk, it’s more than a bit difficult.

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