Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 1 (Wii): COMPLETED!

Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 1 (Wii): COMPLETED!

I downloaded this WiiWare game a while ago, but only got round to playing it yesterday. And then completed it today. Yeah, it’s pretty short. But then, it’s by Telltale Games – who did the Strong Bad games I’d played previously – so I wasn’t really surprised.

It was pretty good too. Reports on the Wii version had it down as a horrible jerky mess with broken audio and crap graphics, mainly due to the compression necessary to squeeze it onto the Wii. I knew this before buying it, but since the thought of playing the PC version made me physically sick, I thought I’d risk it. Thankfully, there was nothing game-breaking – just a bit of pausing and stuttering when changing scene sometimes.

And it was pretty funny too. I especially liked the Wallace and Gromit reference – surprisingly subtle when you consider Telltale also do the Wallace and Gromit point-and-clickers…

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