Excitebike: World Challenge (Wii)

Excitebike: World Challenge (Wii)

I haven’t bought a Wii Ware game in a while, but something about Excitebike appealed to me – even though I never really liked the original NES game. I suspect I never really understood how to play it properly.

Seems I was right, since the tutorial in the Wii version revealed that you had an accelerator as well as a turbo, something I genuinely didn’t know – I’d obviously always played with just turbo, assuming the other button was brake. Explains a lot.

Now I know that, I might go back to the original after I’ve finished enjoying this remake. I’ve so far S-ranked all the Bronze tracks, and mostly S-ranked the Silver tracks. I also played online a bit (and was useless), and created a virtually impossibe track with the level editor.

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