Another Code:R (Wii)

Another Code:R (Wii)

Before I rushed back into Super Mario Galaxy 2 to get a load more stars, I decided to play something else I’ve had on my To Do list for ages. Something a bit different to Bioshock 2 and Mario.  So I chose point-and-clicker Another Code:R for the Wii.

I played, loved, and completed the original on the DS what seems like ages ago. Oh, it was – just over 5 years ago! Good lord.

5 years in real life have passed but only 3 in Ashley’s world. The intro and some of the first flashbacks helped remind me of what happened in the first game, which was very helpful as (ironically, given the plot) I’d forgotten most of it. Actually, it seems so had Ashley. Silly girl.

I’ve put almost two and a half hours into it so far, but there’s very little story yet, despite the masses and masses of dialogue I’ve read through. I suppose so some people that would be annoying – it is very chatty – but I’m taking it as an interactive book, like the original, so it’s fine.

Slightly disappointed there haven’t really been any puzzles so far though. The only difficulties have been how to use the controller to do something (like moving a door – that was a pain), but then, I am only half way through Chapter 2 so it’s still in-game-tutorial territory.

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