Monster Hunter Tri (Wii)

Monster Hunter Tri (Wii)

Hooray! I’m back in! After more than 70 kills or captures of Royal Ludroths, I finally got a crest drop! It came on a(nother) replay of the 3* Royal Ludroth hunt quest, appearing in the quest rewards after defeating him. Many many times I’ve already done this quest, and nothing. Gah!

But I’m over that little hurdle now, and am well away again. With the crest, I forged a new sword with water powaz, which I used to slaughter the Barroth I previously could barely scratch. After that, I had to kill the big angler fish thing in the Flooded Forest, which I did first attempt without any problems at all. I even then did the first 4* quest, which was incredibly simple – 20 Baggis? Easy!

So glad I didn’t give up on the game. It’s much too good!

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